Our program is customized to your individual needs and provides daily access to your clinicians so you feel supported every step of the way.

Recognizing the connection between body and mind, our multi-disciplinary team addresses your psychological and physical wellness simultaneously.

The first step before beginning treatment is a phone consultation.


We provide the exact same services virtually and in-person (limited at this time) across Ontario.


Our programs are tailored to each individual’s needs. This is based on what has worked or not worked in the past, what specific type of support is required and what we mutually believe would be most helpful.


Treatment plans change with time as your recovery process is happening. Through different phases of treatment you may require more or less support and your plan will change to reflect what you and your team believe you need.

Our Program

We provide a comprehensive treatment program tailored to your individual needs. We blend nutritional counselling with psychotherapy to tackle the eating disorder symptoms directly while working on psychological and emotional needs at the same time.

Admission Criteria

• Voluntary – this is an important requirement. We only accept patients who are participating out of their own volition.
• 16 years of age or older*
• BMI of 16 or greater*
• Resting heart rate of 50 beats per minute or higher*


*If you are unsure about whether or not you meet these criteria, you are welcome to inquire. There are some exceptions in special circumstances.

Treatment Components

The two major components of our program are nutritional counselling and psychotherapy.


Nutritional counselling can involve many aspects of food-related work: symptom interruption, refeeding, fear food challenges, cooking or meal planning.


Our psychotherapists are trained in all modalities and can use a combination of CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, emotion-focused or attachment theory in their treatment.

Treatment Plan

At the beginning of treatment, nutrition and therapy appointments both happen on weekly basis. Some patients feel they need more support and in those cases the treatment begins with more appointments each week. As soon as a patient feels they no longer require a particular service or frequency of appointments, we make those adjustments.

Treatment Length

The average length of time we see patients is one year. During this first year of treatment, the plan almost always changes to reflect the progress that is being made. Since we work with patients until full recovery is achieved, we are connected for quite a long time, often long after the eating disorder symptoms disappear.


The objective of our treatment is recovery, extending well beyond refeeding or symptom interruption. When you have recovered your eating disorder symptoms will be overcome, you will feel safe and in control around food in any circumstance and most importantly you will feel strong, capable and resilient in your life.

Eating Disorders

Our eating disorder treatment team works with you to achieve full recovery from your eating disorder.

What Our Patients Are Saying

I loved not being treated as if I was going to break if anyone came into contact with me or said anything that opposed my eating disorder. I needed to hear how much hate the eating disorder deserved and to have that reinforced. To just to know and understand the concept of having a team and have people on your side really helps, especially when you realize you’re fighting the same demon.
I feel like a human now. Before I felt like a broken human. I feel capable, my family sees me as capable, and when things pop up I can figure them out. I’ve never felt like I was at the place where everyone else my age was at. Instead I’ve been way behind and it’s nice to be struggling with the same things that everyone else my age is struggling with rather than struggling with an eating disorder.

We offer services for parents and family members too.

If you are struggling with your loved ones diagnosis or how to best support them, we can help.