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Our treatment team works with you to achieve full recovery from your eating disorder.

binge eating disorder
laxative abuse
exercise addiction
disordered eating

We provide services to deal with all aspects of your eating disorder and focus on both the food and emotional components simultaneously.

Nutritional Counselling

Our nutrition team works with you to create a balanced and healthy relationship with food.


Our therapists work with you to heal underlying challenges that contributed to the eating disorder while teaching you valuable skills to navigate your present life.

Integrative Healing

Our integrative team offers massage, acupuncture and alternative medicines to supplement your eating disorder treatment.

Medical Monitoring

We have medical doctors working on our team so we can ensure physical stability.


We are happy to be the only private clinic in Ontario who provides psychiatry services.

Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment is conducted to provide a diagnosis for the eating disorder specifically or additional psychological conditions that co-exist.

Meet The Team

What Our Patients Are Saying

I loved not being treated as if I was going to break if anyone came into contact with me or said anything that opposed my eating disorder. I needed to hear how much hate the eating disorder deserved and to have that reinforced. To just to know and understand the concept of having a team and have people on your side really helps, especially when you realize you’re fighting the same demon.
I feel like a human now. Before I felt like a broken human. I feel capable, my family sees me as capable, and when things pop up I can figure them out. I’ve never felt like I was at the place where everyone else my age was at. Instead I’ve been way behind and it’s nice to be struggling with the same things that everyone else my age is struggling with rather than struggling with an eating disorder.

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